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OnlineFlightBoard provides a platform for airfields, FBOs and flying clubs to show their flights on an online Arrivals/Departures board.

The board is available online so it can be viewed on your phone, tablet, computer or even on a screen at your airfield.

How does it work for airfields, FBOs and flying clubs? We can get you signed up in no time at all - and your first month is completely FREE.

You'll be given an account which you can use to add and remove flights on your own flight board, typically as part of your normal booking in/out process.

OnlineFlightBoard can also be used to store additional data such as aircraft type, POB and FOB which can all be downloaded in spreadsheet format, giving you access to a wealth of statistics over the course of your flying year.

If your airfield, FBO or flying club would like to join the onlineFlightBoard network then enter your email and location below, click the button and we'll send you detailed signup information.